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Financial Balance Process

The "Financial Balance Process" begins with a discussion about your current strategy. This conversation focuses on your financial philosophies as well as a comprehensive fact-finding interview. We discuss, in detail, the financial decisions and products you have implemented to date. We also discuss your overall understanding of these decisions, your reasons for making them, and your satisfaction with each. You should attend this meeting prepared to answer the following question: “If we were sitting together three years from today, looking back over the last three years, what had to have occurred over this period of time to make you feel happy with your progress?”

At the first Strategy Session, we will focus on the importance of personal risk management. We will assist with the implementation of a strategy that will help you to maintain optimal protection against unexpected life events. This meeting will be focused on the protection of your assets, income, and savings, as well as your financial dreams of educating your children and a worry-free retirement. At the end of this meeting you will understand the fallacy that allocating dollars to protection equals less wealth. In fact you will understand fully our “Castle and Moat” theory, i.e., the larger your financial castle is, the larger the moat must be around it to protect your assets from eroding factors.

At the next meeting, you will learn the importance of building wealth without setting arbitrary limits. We will examine together the advantages and disadvantages of your current strategy. We will then discuss “The Ideal Strategy” and begin to redesign your current plan to provide for a cost efficient and effective model where assets and cash flow are integrated in a macro-financial manner. We will also educate you on Retirement Living Strategies. Most advisors and financial institutions only discuss how to accumulate for retirement, not how to actually spend at retirement. We will help provide a strategy for you today for your retirement years so that you can live without fear of running out of money, under performance of assets, tax law changes, and inflation. At the end of this meeting, we will launch your personal The Living Balance Sheet® webpage. This is a powerful and dynamic tool that incorporates a holistic approach designed to detect changes in your Assets, Liabilities, and Cash Flow. The Living Balance Sheet® may improve overall performance, minimize the impact of debt and taxes, and enhance your lifestyle.

Throughout our unique process, we analyze your Personal Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows and through verification, you will decide whether or not you wish to use specific products. It is important to remember, however, that no financial product alone can fulfill your wants and dreams.